Any other aspiring bloggers out there? When I was a blogging beginner, I was completely overwhelmed by the amount of social media, marketing, content planning, and blogging "handbooks" out there. Finally, after months and months of combing through Pinterest, doing blog research, I've decided to create a MASTER blogging handbook, with everything you'll need to start your very own blog. Check out www.taylormichelle.com to download your FREE copy today!
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Are you ready to make 2018 the best year yet? No more procrastinating, no more excuses: it's time to actually ACHIEVE those resolutions we make each and every new year with the help of www.TaylorMichelle.com!

Cheers to 2018!

Make 2018 Your Best Year Yet! Every December, I find myself reflecting on the last twelve months of my life. I think of all the happy times, and, of course, I think of everything I wished I could've changed. I vow that the new year will be even better. Every ...
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Looking to adopt? Always Adopt hosts supersized adoption events in Rhode Island, featuring HUNDREDS of dogs from dozens of shelters around the USA! Check out TaylorMichelle.com for more info!

Always Adopt

Always Adopt We've all heard it: adopt, don't shop. What exactly does that mean when it comes to getting a pet? Adopting will take one more dog or cat out of a shelter and off the streets, whereas pet stores breed for profit. But have you heard of Always Adopt? ...
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Planning your next field trip? Look no further...the Ecotarium of Worcester, Massachussets explores animals, science, nature, and SO MUCH MORE! Check out TaylorMichelle.com for more info!

Field Trip Feature: Ecotarium

Welcome to the Ecotarium! Being a nanny, I survive on field trips...can you imagine being stuck in a house with 3 BOYS all summer?! Just take my word for it. No bueno. Our summers are normally jam packed with trips to the lake, library, and playground. On days where I decide ...
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Anyone else suffering from teacher burnout? Turn your school year around with eight tips to avoid burning yourself out as an early childhood educator!

Burnout in the Education Field

Raise your hand if you're already experiencing burnout this school year. Me too. But c'mon guys, it's only October. Clearly we've got to figure out something if we're gonna make it to June... I always find myself giving the same excuse whenever I get burnt out: I'm too busy to ...
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A Bullet Journal is such a great way to stay organized without having to stick to a pre-made planner or journal. Learn how to create your own today!

Creating A Bullet Journal

Bullet Journal Basics What is a bullet journal? A bullet journal is a customizable planner, sketchbook, notebook, diary, to-list, or maybe even all of the above. Most people divide their journals into two sections; Calendars are for daily, weekly, and monthly calendars and important dates, while Collections are lists that ...
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Make your own delicious lasagna stuffed shells! Check out the recipe at TaylorMichelle.com.

Lasagna Stuffed Shells

Yup. You read that right. Scott (my lover) prides himself on being the human equivalent of Garfield the Cat. Lazy, sarcastic, and lovin' lasagna. (I think Garfield is his spirit animal...). This means that lasagna has become a staple in our household, and I've gotten very creative with mixing things ...
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Creating a cleaning schedule is a great way to commit to keeping your house clean. Find cleaning schedules for every room in your home (or learn how to create your own!) at TaylorMichelle.com.

Creating A Cleaning Schedule

Why Should I Create A Cleaning Schedule? Finally, it's fall! Autumn in New England is such an incredible sight to see: pumpkins, foliage, football! Unfortunately, fall is short-lived so far up north, and winter will be creeping up soon. Once the cold hits, my motivation for everything goes right out ...
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Enjoy some delicious sausage and potatoes in less than 45 minutes! Recipe includes a number of different seasoning styles (Mexican, Italian, etc).

Sausage & Potatoes

Who else loves breakfast for dinner?! Scott and I have breakfast-for-dinner about three times each week. Yeah, I know that's a lot. But it's so easy! It's so yummy! It's so fast! It's so...greasy, and sinfully delicious! While we both absolutely LOVE pancakes and bacon, that can get old after ...
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Waking up every morning can seem so impossible, especially with winter coming. Create your own morning routine to help you get out of bed each day! Find some inspiration at TaylorMichelle.com

Why Should I Create A Morning Routine?

I have a feeling that very few people in the world are as uptight as me. And NO! I totally don't think that's a bad thing. I simply know what I like, and intend to stick to it, especially when it comes to my morning routine. Of course, having those ...
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SPOILER ALERT! Take a look inside the Fall 2017 FabFitFun subscription box at TaylorMichelle.com!

FabFitFun Fall 2017

What is FabFitFun? FabFitFun is one of the many subscription boxes that have become so popular recently. With a number of different subscription options to choose from, FabFitFun is affordable for everyone! Offering a variety of full-sized makeup, jewelry, accessories, fitness gear (and SO MUCH MORE!), the $49.99 boxes contains ...
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Find some inspiration for your traveling wanderlust...50 Things to Add to Your Bucket List. Check it out at TaylorMichelle.com today!

100+ Things To Add To Your Bucket List

Introducing: My Bucket List Being a stereotypical broke college student, I have extremely limited travel experience. As in, I can sum it up in one measly sentence... I've traveled to Montreal, Quebec, Nashville TN, Florida, and Washington DC (on top of more localized travel--New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Maine, etc). That's it ...
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Early childhood is a time of immense growth. Children develop the abilities to communicate, move their bodies, express themselves creatively, and SO MUCH MORE! Learn more about the different areas of child development, and how to put them to use in your home or classroom. Check it out at TaylorMichelle.com today!

Areas of Development

Areas of Development Did you know: the brain development that occurs between birth and age three is the most significant period of growth the brain will ever experience? That's CRAZY. It just goes to show how important early development is... There are dozens of developmental theories out there, each with ...
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Living with pets can be tough! Find some great tips for keeping your home clean while sharing it with your furry friends! - TaylorMichelle.com

Living With Pets

Living With Pets My pets have done some serious damage to my home. And my car. Oh, and my clothes, too. Everything is typically covered in a thick layer of tan and black hairs...thank goodness I don't have any allergies! We normally vacuum two or three times a week (whoever ...
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Cooking with kids can seem impossible, but not with these tips and tricks from TaylorMichelle.com! Learn more today...

Cooking with Kids

I know it, guys. Cooking with kids is your worst nightmare. It was mine for a while, too (still is, sometimes!). There are just some days where I want to make dinner without tripping over one kid, and another latched onto my legs. Thank goodness I don't cook for my ...
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Everything you need to know about personal finances over at TaylorMichelle.com. Includes budgeting, couponing, and saving money!

10 Money Habits to Start in College

College was a huge eye-opener for me. HUGE. I'll admit...Mom and Dad spoiled me rotten. I never struggled with money until the day I moved out. And, of course,  I never realized that until it was gone. I will be forever grateful to my parents for the wonderful upbringing they ...
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Top 10 RI Attractions & Events

Exploring Rhode Island Moving from a tiny town to the big city of Providence, RI, I was so in over my head. Besides being completely terrified of city life, I had no clue how to get around, had absolutely zero friends, and nowhere to go. Thank goodness I had Scott, ...
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Is community college really worth it? So many incoming freshmen asking that question...and you'll find your answer at TaylorMichelle.com. Analyze the pros and cons of community college, and compare it to the top universities in the country!

Community College: Is It Worth It?

My College Decision As a high school student, I was in all Honors classes, and as such, it was assumed that my classmates and I would all be attending university. With graduation nearing, my teachers began asking around their classrooms to find out our future plans. Because of my education ...
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Keep your favorite travel memories and experiences close...learn how to document your travels through scrapbooking, photography, and more! - TaylorMichelle.com

Documenting Travel

DISCLOSURE: This post may contain affiliate links. For more info, click here. What do I do with this mess of travel pictures? As much as I'd love to brag that I am a huge world traveler...I'm not. I'm a broke college kid. Trust me, it kills me. Unfortunately, I've had ...
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Struggling to finish all that spring cleaning? TaylorMichelle.com has everything you need to know about cleaning--including tips and tricks, DIY cleaning recipes, and advice as to how to maintain your home!

The Ultimate Guide to Spring Cleaning

Spring Cleaning Being the neat freak that I am, I absolutely LOVE spring cleaning. There's nothing like getting those windows open for the first time and getting some fresh warm air. And, you guys know me...I sometimes seem to go completely overboard with my cleaning. My to-do lists often seem ...
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Check out the master list of Early Childhood themes, as well as everything you need to know about child development, curriculum planning, and early childhood education at TaylorMichelle.com!

Early Childhood Themes

DISCLOSURE: This post may contain affiliate links. For more info, click here. Developing Early Childhood Themes Preschool has always been one of my favorite classes to teach, simply because children grow so much during that time. It is so rewarding witnessing all of your (and their!) hard work as they ...
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