Welcome to TaylorMichelle.com!

I’m Taylor, a 20 year old student, teacher, and nanny located in Providence, RI. I’ve been staring at this page on my computer screen for 45 minutes now, trying to figure out how to tell you guys about myself without boring you to death. Of course, being the super organized neat-freak that I am, I figured making a list would be the best option.

  1. I’m a fourth year college student in Providence, RI.
  2. I work as a nanny for three wonderful little boys (aged 1, 3, and 5). In the past, I’ve worked as a summer camp counselor, preschool teacher, and infant/toddler teacher.
  3. I grew up in New Hampshire, and miss it more than anything!
  4. My mom is my best friend. She inspires me everyday, drives hours upon hours to come see me when I need a friend, and shops ’til she drops with me! (Seriously, our shopping is getting out of control…)
  5. Reading, coffee, and yoga get me through my day, every day.
  6. I’ve dealt with anxiety and depression for most of my life, and am slowing learning to work through it.
  7. I live with my boyfriend Scott, and incredible little puppy, Sawyer!

Come learn about life with me at TaylorMichelle.com! Explore topics related to relationships, depression, anxiety, and contentment.

Seriously, does it get any cuter than this?

When I first got into blogging, I created a site devoted to Early Childhood Education, and, to make a long story short, I never launched it. Don’t get me wrong, I had tons to write about, but I have so many other passions besides teaching. Now it’s time for my second go-around, and I’m feeling much more confident. TaylorMichelle.com expresses my love of cooking, traveling, organizing, cleaning, and teaching. I’m here to write about love, sadness, wanderlust, and life.

Check out my Contact page for more information. Happy reading!